Monday, October 31, 2011

Fundraising Marathon!!!

VERY LAST DAY to for our current fundraiser, and the chance to receive some great items!!  All donations go to Morning Light Home and Garden of Grace in Taiwan.

Here are the items you could receive for donating to this ministry during our big "Kick-off Fundraiser!":

1.  "Cinderella" package, donated by Steven Curtis Chapman.  It includes a signed (by Steven Curtis Chapman) copy of Cinderella: The Love of a Daddy and His Princess book and CD, the CD This Moment (Cinderella Edition), and a Steven Curtis Chapman "I'm A Cinderella" women's shirt, size Medium.

2.  Beautiful 8x10" hand painted picture, "Boast in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Galations 6:14"  This was donated by Sharon Allsbrook of Hanging Halo .  Sharon paints Bible Verse Paintings that are not only beautiful, but very fun and whimsical!  She has a wide variety to choose from and also does custom orders.  All of her profits go to support missionaries!  Please check out her website!

3.  The group Calling Levi donated a set of the above CD's and t-shirt.  Calling Levi is a group of four gifted vocalists who have traveled throughout the country and all across the world. This full-time, traveling, vocal ministry is a family group of two sisters and their husbands. Last year alone the group traveled over 200 days lifting up the name of Christ and pointing others to Him. Those who know the ministry of Calling Levi know that their sole desire is to magnify Christ through heartfelt music and testimony. Although they place special importance on excellence in their program, their hearts are sincere and their worship genuine. You will be refreshed and inspired as you experience the ministry of Calling Levi. (We have another set just like this that will be given away for one of our monthly give-aways!)

 4.  Set of 4 family movies donated from Franklin Springs Family Media.  This package includes:
  If you have never experienced Franklin Springs Family Media movies, then you are missing out!  Our family has many of their movies and have enjoyed them all!!  They are inspiring and uplifting.  Their movies are all family oriented and give glory to our Lord!  (We have another set of 4 wonderful family movies from Franklin Springs Family Media that we will be giving away during one of our monthly giveaways!)

5.  Donated by Amy Gabriel, of Gabriel's Good Tidings, this set of 5 reusable snack or sandwich bags will come in handy for many uses!  Amy served as a missionary in Africa from 2002 to 2004.  She started out making handmade notecards to keep in touch with friends and family on the other side of the world.  Today, Amy's stationary has evolved into sewn gifts for baby and mommy.  Her items are fun, creative, and practical!  Please check out her store to see what she carries!!

6.  Donated by Warren Heckert (who currently, with his wife Jenn, is in the process of bringing home their sweet baby girl Mia from Taiwan as a result of this ministry!!) does amazing things with wood!  This man has been given a gift from God!  He has made our family a few different things and I am truly in awe every time I see what he can do with wood!  Whoever wins this prize will be blessed!  (Disclaimer:  This is not the exact box you will be winning, but it will be very similar, and just as gorgeous!!)

7.  This set of items was donated by Bethany Gorman.  It is a Jade Bracelet and a purse making kit, both straight from Taiwan!!  Bethany is the oldest of 5 adopted children (2 from Cambodia, 1 from China and 1 from the U.S.) and lived in Taiwan 2 years ago to teach character English.  While there, she met the Pan family and has just returned to Taiwan to live there and help out with the Pan's ministry (who Our Living Hope Taiwan is doing this fundraiser for!).  She is an amazing young lady who has a passion for helping further God's Kingdom by helping the women and children of Taiwan!

8.  Beautiful 8x10" "I Am A Child Of God" print, donated by Lindsay Braithwaite who owns Sugar Fresh.  Her company was started out of a "love for design and children's spaces."  She studied graphic arts in college, and after becoming a mother and quitting her job to be home, decided to "dabble in design again..." and realized she still loved it!  Her hobby has become a business, and her fun, fresh designs would definitely compliment any child's room!!  Please check out her store to see her beautiful work!

9.  This beautiful 72x82" handmade quilt was made by Barb Minner.  Barb has a granddaughter who was adopted from Taiwan, as a result of the work that Deana Pan has done in Taiwan.  Barb makes amazing quilts!  (And I'm not at all prejudice, even though she's my mom!!)  Whoever wins this quilt will definitely be blessed by its beauty and warmth this winter!

10.  This is a brand new, never out of the package Ergo Baby Carrier!!  Ergo Baby Carriers are wonderful!!  I have one and absolutely LOVE it!!  Donated by Anonymous.

11.  This wonderful Taiwan Adoption Necklace was donated by Kate Clayton of The Adopt Shoppe.  Kate and her husband "lost 2 baby boys before we had our 2 biological children. We could not have any more children. Through the miracle of adoption, we are blessed to have another daughter and we are in the process of adopting again!! I opened my little shop to help pay for our adoption expenses. Every penny of profit goes toward our adoption(s)."  She and her husband are adopting from Taiwan, and have a huge heart for the orphans!  She makes some wonderful items (please check out her store!!), and all proceeds go towards a wonderful cause, bringing their babies home!!  Also, you can find The Adopt Shoppe on Facebook!

12.  These beautifully handrafted items were made and donated by Danielle Blomberg.  It includes a key chain, lip balm/lipstick holder, headband (decorative), hat with interchangeable flower (extra flower included) and stylish ear warmer-style headband.  Danielle sells her items at local shops and plans to open an Etsy shop (as soon as she can come up with a catchy name for it!).  She is generous with donating her items to help different causes, and has a heart for helping others!  (Danielle also donated two other sets of fun items, but we are saving them for our next fundraiser!  So if you don't win this time, you might next time!)

13.  Microsoft Office was very generously donated by Rich and Terri Noffsinger.  "With Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010, you and your kids can create great schoolwork and home projects from multi-page bibliographies to multimedia presentations. Capture ideas and set them apart with video-editing features and dynamic text effects. Then easily collaborate with classmates without being face-to-face thanks to new Web Apps tools. The results go well beyond expectations with a little inspiration, a lot of creativity and Office Home and Student 2010."  

14.  A set of 5 CD's by Herbster Ministries.  They graciously donated lots of CD's to help Deana's ministry!  (We have quite a few more sets to give away during our monthly give-aways!)

15.  This beautiful signed (included with a certificate of authenticity) print is graciously donated by Chris Hartwick.  He is a designer for ShowForth, a division of Bob Jones Univeristy. He is also an artist. He is am part of the Artists Guild Gallery of Greenville, SC, a co-op art gallery.  One amazing fact about Chris' artwork is that he does his artwork with his mouth!!! Due to the disability that he was born with-Arthrogryposis- he is unable to use his arms and hands well. The Lord has allowed him to adapt and have a very active life. His art is done by mouth (for painting and drawing) or by foot (computer; placing the mouse on the floor and moving it with his foot). He enjoys cooking and martial arts. His life's verse is Phil. 4:13. "I know I can't do 'everything' I want, but I can do 'all the things' the Lord wants me to do."  Just AMAZING!  (We have 4 more of his beautiful prints to give away during our upcoming monthly giveaways!)

16.  If you win this one, you get to choose from one of the above gift cards, each valued at $50!!!  This was graciously donated by Mary Swarts, of Send Out Cards .  Mary and her husband are adoptive parents of an adorable little boy from Kazakhstan.  Mary has a huge heart for helping others adopt and helping the orphans!!  Mary's Send Out Cards business is pretty cool!  Please check out her website and try sending a free card today!!

17.  This beautiful (and very fun!!) quilt was handmade and donated by Shelly Harmon.  Shelly is an adoptive Mom to a very handsome little boy from Taiwan!  He was adopted through the help of the Pan's ministry, and has been home for about a year and a half.  One lucky person will definitely be blessed by this quilt!

18.  This adorable backpack was also made and generously donated by Shelly Harmon.  She definitely has a gift for making fun and whimsical items!  (I know a couple of my daughters would love to have this backpack!!)  I think this would also make a fun diaper bag! 

19.  Barnes & Noble gift card, valued at $50, was generously donated by anonymous.

20.  Target gift card, valued at $25, was also generously donated by anonymous.

21.  And last, (but definitely NOT least!!!) we have a signed copy of the much awaited for NEW CD by MercyMe, The Worship Sessions!  To learn more about this CD and the songs it includes, please visit    This was very graciously donated by Mike and Abby Scheuchzer (Mike is one of the guitarists for MercyMe).  Mike and Abby are adoptive parents of a beautiful daughter from Kazakhstan, and have a heart for the orphans.  Mike has also donated quite a few more MercyMe CD's that we will be giving away for our monthly drawings.  So if you don't win this, please check back and try for the rest of them!  

How this works:
~ Look through the items and choose which ones you would love to have!
~ Decide how much you'd like to donate to help this amazing ministry.
~ Donate by using the "DONATE" PayPal button on the top right of this page.
~ Chances to win are: $5 = 1 chance to win
                                  $25 = 6 chances
                                  $50 = 12 chances
                                  $75 = 20 chances
                                  $100 = 25 chances
~ Each item is numbered 1-21.
~ Once you have donated, please also send an  EMAIL with the item number and amount of chances you would like on each.  We will send you a confirmation email in return.
~ We will be using to select the winners.
~  Donations for the chance to receive this group of items will end at midnight (central time zone) on October 31st.  Items will be drawn and announced on November 1st!!

Please pass the word about this wonderful ministry in Taiwan, and the chance for people to receive something while they help out!!

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